Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adopted for Life

It came quietly, and with no ado, but she's a citizen. She's officially Zadie Hayat Williams. The wording on the document that came in the mail stated that she is "adopted for life". Tears flowed.

We had just returned from a trip to pick up our the portraits we
had done for her 18 month milestone. She had been patient
while the nice lady tried to up sale me. She had been very patient while mommy bought a
new dress.

We walked to the candy store to get a lollipop treat. She picked up two lollipops, and I said, "Ok, one for now and one for later." She answered by saying "Mama, mama, mama, mama". She then tried to put the second lollipop in my hand. She wanted to make sure there was one for Zadie and one for mama. Tears came to my eyes! But little did I know that there was the official decree of adoption in my mailbox, waiting to make real tears flow!

The photos attached are
our attempt at re-adoption day photos. After bath, we tried a little cuddling!