Friday, August 6, 2010

The House is a Mess; Our Home is Complete

How do they do it? Really. You know, those moms who have a full time job, a spic and span house, dinner on the table every evening and still manage to wear makeup. Don't tell anyone, but I kinda hate them.

I haven't cooked one meal this week. Tonight I actually called the pizza people from work with a delivery that arrived about 3 minutes after I walked in the door. Not so long ago I planned menus, cooked every night and put laundry away within 24 hours of completing it.

But, can I tell you - I am happier than ever. Who cares that we are housebound after 7pm because Zadie is asleep by then? Who cares that we may never see a first run movie until she is 5 years old?

Zadie is such a stinker. A little character. Her smile makes this mess a home.