Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well a lot has happened since our last posting. We've been unable to keep up with the pace of these events on the blog, so I will attempt to summarize some of this now.

Our home study has been completed and now we have been approved by our adoption agency, The Gladney Center for Adoption as of 13 May, 2009. We are completely excited in every way about this event. We feel like all of the difficult work we have spent sourcing documents and having numerous (read, everything) notarized is finally gaining us some traction in this adoption process.

This paperwork process for CIS, Gladney, FBI and Kate at KBS Dossiers has taken us from start to almost finish just under 3 months. Susanne Smith at Gladney has been great to work with. She has now passed us over to Jessica, our in country case worker. Thank you Susanne for answering all of our redundant and tedious emails with the swiftness and understanding that you have.

Yesterday's mail brought us fingerprint requests from CIS, so we will be having these taken ASAP, since technically we are largely waiting on CIS before we can be placed 'on the list'.

Just to close for now, I cannot stress the importance in employing a Dossier service. The paperwork we have already delivered and checked/re-checked was tedious enough, I cannot begin to comprehend the stress that would be involved if we had to do the same level on our own for the Dossier. Kate at KBS has been absolutely outstanding in her timeliness in email responses, her quick turnaround of documents and overall support. She has this process mastered and I cannot imagine going through this phase of our adoption process without her assistance. Leanne and I are really glad that we engaged with her back in March.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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