Friday, July 17, 2009

Zadie's room updates

No new news on the placement front (none expected), but we have started slowly working on Zadie's room.

We traded a queen bed for a smaller twin with Leanne's sister. This will save space in the room for a crib and all of the other necessities. We also purchased our first sheet set and quilt for Zadie. It's a very girly quilt with an outdoor safari/African/animal theme with lots of pinks and purples. We hope to settle on a crib and the layout of the room soon. The wall color is almost completely settled upon. I think we will go with the same light brown we have in our bedroom. That'll contrast nicely with the pink/purples and the Tiffany Blue items in the room.

We have also started on our Hague training from Gladney. We have completed the Ethiopian specific presentations but haven't started on the test(s). We hope to watch a few additional ones this coming weekend. It's a lot to take in, understand and digest; so we are taking our time to understand all of the information fully, afterall, we have a lot of time to wait!


  1. Leanne & Charlie:

    I just stopped by to say hello. Colin and I are a few days from being on the wait list for 5 months. It's such a crazy and wonderful ride. I look forward to following your journey.


  2. Hey just found your blog! I think we are just days behind you on the waiting list! Maybe we will travel together! We were placed on the list June 26th for a 0-6 month old baby girl!

  3. We just got CIS approval and are waiting to be wait listed. AND we have starting decorating too! Blessing to your family and grace for the journey!

    The Mathews Family

  4. Hey guys - seems like you are right behind us on the FBI list. That said, we'll make sure to let you know RIGHT AWAY once our referral comes in. Hope to stay in touch. Billy, Annalise and Callie