Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our First Baby Gift!!

The lady who is other director at the school where I work got us a Coach diaper bag (I knew Zadie would be a stylish baby girl) full of goodies like books, cuddle toys and a blanket.  I will treasure this gift!  It's our first and the gifts are so sweet!
This isn't the exact bag, but close!  Thanks, Aelisch!  We love it!

Also, we call our daughter Zadie now because we love that name, and it is from Sadie, which means princess.  We may meet her and love her Ethiopian name or look at her and know her name should be Sarah, but calling her Zadie now makes everything a little more tangible.  We can say things like "Which car seat do you like for Zadie?" or "We can just store that in Zadie's room for now". 

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