Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Crib Fit for a Princess

It's ready! The crib (from the godparents) is assembled, the linens (from Grammy) are on the crib, and the handmade afghan (from Grandma) is ready for use, now all we need is our sweet baby girl!

Tonight, while we were working in Zadie's room, we were reminded of all the people that already love our little sweet pea.

By the way, our update from Ethiopia said that our little girl is "the apple of many a caregiver eye" because of her smile. We are itching to see that sweet little smile in person!


  1. Such a sweet room! Any word on a court date yet? We got our referral just a few days after you, and we're still waiting too. Are you on Facebook? There is a little group of us gals waiting for courtdates, supporting and praying for eachother as we wait...look me up! Eryn Kesler

  2. Thanks for your comment...looks like we're all in the waiting for a court date holding pattern...same for those waiting for referrals it seems!

    It would be fun to meet in Ethiopia!