Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well, everything that you've heard about Amsterdam is true! It's dirty, old, rambunctious, seedy (hahaha), but it's also full of the nicest people you've ever met!

What a lovely stop over on our way to Ethiopia. We are having a blast. Many more photos available at our gallery. (See the link in previous post.)


  1. Looking forward to the post of your union with Zadie! Sooo exciting!
    Thinking of you :)

    I suggest the Van Gogh museum and the Waterlooplein market while in Amsterdam. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! We did the Rijksmuseum today and Anne Frank huis. This city is outstanding, very walkable and infinitely beautiful... The people here are also great, with the exception of our cab ride to the hotel, everyone has been super awesome even though we speak zero Dutch. Everyone here speaks outstanding English, even better than most in Montreal. Amsterdam is highly recommended in my book!