Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volcanic Ash?!?!?

'The best laid plans o' mice and men often go awry.' Robert Burns

Who would have thought it? Volcanic ash from Iceland would have any bearing on our Ethiopian adoption?!?!?!??!

We are set to leave on April 21 (Wednesday - that's 4 days away). We are supposed to fly through Amsterdam, where we were going to spend a couple of days, then head to Addis, then to Zadie's hometown (we really need to make this flight), and then back to Addis Ababa where we meet our little sweet pea on Monday, April 26th. BUT, the flights through Amsterdam are delayed INDEFINITELY, and KLM has already posted that flights will be disrupted through April 23.

So... what to do??? If KLM would just CANCEL our flight, we could get our money back and buy some tickets to fly through Dubai, then on to Addis. And, as luck would have it - ha ha - Emirates Airlines has a "Visit Africa" special, with Addis Ababa as one of their destinations for a handy dandy price. But, the kicker is, we would really like KLM to cancel the flight so we can get our money back. Buying two sets of tickets will hurt, but, believe me, we are talking about it seriously.

But, for real, VOLCANIC ASH from Iceland. Really? That's what we are dealing with here. What can we do?

As for now, still waiting for Zadie...


  1. Ugh, I was wondering how all this was impacting you guys. Hope it all works out and they refund your tickets!!

  2. buy the other tickets, hope they cancel and give you you're money back. If they don't, you have within the year to go somewhere else on an adventure!

  3. Oh no!! I am sure you never thought you would type the sentence that volcanic ash from Iceland is disrupting your travel. Crazy. Hope you are able to get out of dodge this week and mee your Zadie! Thinking of you!!