Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcanic Ash - Plan B


so with activity in Iceland affecting our whole 'world' right now, rather than be passive, I got proactive and started looking for alternate plans. At this point, money isn't really what matters, it's getting to where we need to be, to meet our daughter and to make our Embassy date... It didn't take long for me to return to my original idea of flying Emirates. This will take us from JFK in NY to Dubai and then to Addis Ababa without too much of an issue with the floating plane-killing ash...

This morning, after seeing more non-response in the EU and Delta/KLM canceling more flights for tonight (to land in Amsterdam on tuesday), I called Delta and made sure I understood my options. My original suspicions proved true. I called Emirates, found out my options there.

10 minutes later on their website, I have 2 adult tickets and 1 infant ticket ready to go on Emirates. Emirates has a $200 refund penalty, so call this my $400 hedge bet on our flights. We'll either fly Emirates and get a refund at Delta (if they cancel our flights) or we'll fly Delta/KLM as originally planned and it cost us $400 worth of insurance in the form of cancellation penalties on Emirates.

So honestly, I am really really hoping that the Delta flight to Amsterdam is canceled on us (afterall, the volcano puked more ash today too). This will make things easier for us for sure. We'll take the day, drive the ~500 miles from Raleigh to New York and with any luck, make our long-haul flight without issue. Only real down side is the road trip home with Zadie. Its bad enough she had to get stuck on a plane with us boring people, now she is stuck in the back of my car with her mom that loves her too too much!



  1. Hi Charlie and Leanne,
    Sorry we've been out of touch for some days but our thoughts are with your faamily at this crucial time, may all plans work out fine, and we are praying that very soon you'll be united with your precious and lovely daughter ZADIE, bet she is expecting you too.GOODLUCK. ANTHONY&BOLA OWOHA

  2. Wow...when you thought you were past all the hurdles...Volcanic ASH! Glad you have a plan B. We are hoping to get in on that GREAT Emirates deal too, we'll be cutting it really close if we do, but we're praying it will happen!

  3. Ack, just when you thought you were through with all the stressful waiting, THIS happens! Sounds like you have a good plan, though, and I am sure Zadie will have to endure worse than being stuck in the car with "her mom who loves her too too much". That is just so sweet! Thinking of you and hoping it all works out just as you hope.

  4. That sounds like an awesome plan B.

    SO close now!

  5. Very smart plan!
    And what a story you will have later in life to tell Zadie! We are thinking of you and wishing you all the best over the next few days/weeks.
    Go get her!!!!