Friday, April 30, 2010


So much has happened!!!

1. Zadie Hayat Williams is perfect. She is a doll.

2. We have visited Gladney foster care centers. Wonderful places! Met Zadie's special mother and cried many tears.

3. I (Leanne) got deathly sick. But it lasted about 24 hours and now am back to nearly normal.

4. We had our embassy appointment. It was a breeze. Travis and Joanna were such great supports. (I threw up in the trashcans while waiting to be called.)

5. Met Zadie's birth mom and great aunt. Very special. Priceless.

6. Visited 3 orphanages. Very overwhelming. One little guy followed us to the car and cried and cried when we pulled away. He didn't know where we were going but he wanted to go with us.

I will fill in with more details later, but for now all the waiting for Zadie is done. She is perfect. A doll. A sweetheart. We are blessed beyond words.


  1. Congratulations! So happy for you - laughed when I read about the trash cans, welled up when I read about the little boy. What an emotional roller coaster you've been on. Have a wonderful trip home with your new daughter.
    Joanne Ward

  2. I also giggled about the trash cans! What a journey.
    How exciting that the waiting is finally over and you can begin your new lives together. She is beautiful!
    Thank you SO much for delivering our package. We are humbled by this amazing community.
    Safe journeys!

  3. This post brings me so much joy! Safe travels home!

    (and I am glad you are feeling better! I have been there and it is no fun at all!)

  4. Oh, I'm so happy for you.

    So sorry to hear you got so sick, but I'm glad to know you're nearly back to normal again.